Our Policies

Pet Policy

We're Dog Friendly

Ruidoso River Resort Accepts Pets in some of our condos -  There is a $35.00 daily fee for one dog and and an additional $10.00 Daily Fee for each additional dog guest

Waste Station

We have a designated waste station and dog walking area at the far end of the paved parking area. This is the only place where dogs are allowed to do their thing ... and please clean up!


Please keep in mind that, though you may find your little doggie cute ... others may not agree with you.  So keep Fido on a leash, keep 'em quiet and make sure they don't wreck the place!

Pet Damage

Any damage or vandalism caused by your small doggie will be your responsibly and you will be charged accordingly for this damage on your Credit Card.  

Reservation & Rental Policies

We require payment in full at upon booking. If a cancellation occurs prior to arrival the full payment less the cancellation fee will be refunded.

Resort Fees
A reasonable one-time cleaning fee is charged on all condos.  Daily Housekeeping service is not available.

Ruidoso New Mexico Gross Receipts and Lodging tax charged on all reservations.  If your organization is tax exempt, please provide your tax exemption certificate at check-in
A cancellation fee applies to all unit cancellations made more than 3 days prior to the scheduled day of arrival. If a cancellation occurs less than 3 days prior to arrival, the reserving party is responsible for payment of all reservation charges due.

During the Holidays, the cancellation fee varies.Please review your confirmation for details of the charges for your scheduled arrival.
Arrival & Departures
Check-in time is 4:00 PM.
Check-Out time is 11:00 AM

Rental Policies & Property Use Guidlines

1. Partial payments for reservations, the amount or percentage varying from season to season, may be charged at the time the reservation is made.
2. MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards are accepted for reservations as are debit cards and cash.
3. Guests are responsible for paying the tax rates in effect at the time their occupancy begins; this includes Gross Receipts Tax (8.625%) and Lodgers Tax (5%).
4. Reservation balance must be paid at check-in or, in the event of late check-ins, as early as practical on the morning after check-in.
5. Online reservations or phone reservations authorize the representatives of MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort, to authorize or charge the Guest's credit card for the agreed upon rental fees and deposits. Consent to charge the Guest's credit card for any extra cleaning or damage to the premises condo that may occur during a stay is agreed upon and consented to upon at Guest check-in.
1. Check-in time is 4:00 P.M. MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort Rentals will work diligently to insure that all properties are cleaned and ready for occupancy by 4:00 PM. However, in certain situations, it may be necessary to delay occupancy until the property is ready. There are no discounts or refunds for occupancy which occurs after 4:00 PM. There are no early check-ins.
2. Two (2) keys are provided per rental unit upon check-in.
3. If checking in after the Ruidoso River Resort office is closed, there are green boxes located outside of  the office door.  The boxes are numbered by building.  The first number of your condominium is the building number.  There will be an envelope with your name and condo number in the box with keys and check in instructions.
3. Check-out time is 11:00 AM All condominiums must be vacated by 11:00 AM on the day of departure or guests are subject to a late checkout fee of $50.00 plus tax per hour rounded to the nearest hour of the actual departure time. Please return keys to the office or drop the keys  in the locked key return box, labeled “KEY DROP”.
4. Lost keys will incur a replacement cost of $100.00 to re-key the condominium.
5. Units left excessively dirty will be charged a $50.00 or more for damages plus tax upcharge on the cleaning fee at departure.

1. All condominiums are furnished with standard appliances including oven/stove, microwave and a refrigerator. Condominiums are outfitted with all basic kitchen cookware and dinnerware. There are a sufficient amount of linens provided for each person at the beginning of your stay.  No extra sheets or towels will be provided.  There is a washer/dryer in the condo for your convenience.
2. Mechanical Breakdowns: NO REFUNDS will be issued due to any breakdown of appliances, air conditioning or heating systems, TVs or other electronic equipment. Please report any problems to our office and LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort Rentals will make best efforts to contact a repair service technician to remedy the problem. Your patience will be appreciated. We are a small resort community and, as such, there are a limited number of repair service contractors and even fewer available on weekends and holidays. 3. Utility Outages: NO REFUNDS will be issued due to any loss of utility, satellite or Internet services. Please contact  MKKB,LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort Rentals and all outages will be reported to the proper utility company. Guests are required to report to LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort Rentals the need for replacement batteries, or repair or replacement of smoke detectors.
3. Each stay includes a departure cleaning. Tenants are expected to dispose of all trash outside in dumpsters located in the parking area and to load and start the dishwasher. Failure to do so may result in additional cleaning charges beyond the agreed upon Cleaning Fee.
4. Cleaning fees for the condos are $60.00 for a 1 bedroom, $85.00 for a 2 bedroom and $110.00 for a 3 bedroom per visit.  Cleaning fees are non-refundable.                     

1. MKKB, LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort agrees to provide the premises in a fit and habitable condition. If at the time Guests commence occupancy, MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort cannot present the premises in a fit and habitable condition, or substitute a reasonable comparable property in such condition,  MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort  shall refund to the reserving party all payments made to  MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort.
2. Guests agree to keep the premises as clean and safe as the conditions of the premises permit and hereby agree to permit no unsafe or unsanitary conditions on the property. Further, Guests agree not to use the premises for any activity or purpose that violates any criminal law or governmental regulation. Any breach of any duty contained in this paragraph shall be considered material, and shall result in the
termination of Guest's tenancy.
3. Small dogs(s) may be allowed subject to disclosure and approval by MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort Rentals at the time the reservation is made.  There is a $35.00 pet fee per stay or $50.00 pet fee for two pets per stay. Guests must clean up after their pets - no exceptions.  Any damage or refuse created will result in additional charges.
4. NUMBER OF OCCUPANTS: Overcrowding is not permitted. Occupancy maximums are as follows; Condos suit 2 people, including children, in a 1 bedroom, 4 people, including children, in a 2 bedroom, and 6 people, including children, in a 3 bedroom. Children, age 2 and under may exceed occupancy limits only with prior approval from MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort at the time the reservation is made.
5.MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort will not rent property to anyone under the age of 18, nor will MKKBLLC dba Ruidoso River Resort permit anyone under the age of 18 to take possession of any rental premises without the physical presence of a responsible party who is at least 18 years of age. No House Parties are permitted at any time. MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort reserves the right to terminate the rental, without refund, if any guest or occupant violates any of these facility rules.
6. RESPECT FOR OTHER GUESTS: MKKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort strives to provide each guest with quiet enjoyment of their respective condominium and all facilities in the premises.  All gatherings in or about the hot tub, decks, fire pit, grills, parking lot, or anywhere outside must end promptly at 10 P.M.  The exercise room will be closed ny 5:00 PM each evening. No loud music, shouting, running along decks, or any other type of disturbance is allowed.  All children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult at ALL times when using any of the facilities listed above.  MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort reserves the right to terminate the rental, without refund, if any guests or occupant violates any of these facility rules.
7. GRILLS: Gas grills are located in the courtyard area for Guests' use.  Please clean grills after each use.  Fire Marshal regulations prohibit placing grills on decks. Each condominium has grilling utensils; please return them to your condominium and do not leave them with the grills.
8. PARKING: On-site parking is limited, so please limit the number of vehicles to two vehicles per condominium to avoid parking difficulties. Please check with the office if you will exceed two vehicles.
9. Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort and Owner from and against any liability of personal injury or property damage sustained by any person (including Tenant’s Guests) as a result of any cause, unless caused by the negligent or willful act of MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort or the Owner. Tenant agrees that MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort, the Owner or their respective representatives may enter the premises during reasonable hours to inspect the premises, to make such repairs, alterations or improvements hereto as MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort or Owner may deem appropriate, or to show the premises to prospective buyers or other prospective or current guests. Guests shall not assign this Agreement or sublet premises in whole or part without written permission of MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort .
10. MOTOR HOMES: No hook-up or use of any camper, bus, van, motor home or tent in conjunction with any rental property allowed. No Motor Homes may be parked on the property.
11. SMOKING: MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort is a non-smoking property. Smoking is NOT permitted inside the condominiums or on the decks or balconies of Ruidoso River Resort.  There is a designated smoking area near the fire pit with appropriate ash trays for your use.  Please do not throw your cigarette butts in the fire pit.  This act or any smoking on the property other than in the designated area will result in a $200 fine per incident.

1. Cancellation of a confirmed reservation is required in writing by mail, fax or email. Partial payments for reservations, the amount or percentage varying from season to season, must be made at the reservation is made. You may cancel 7 days prior to your arrival date and receive a full refund of your partial payment minus a small cancellation fee to cover credit card processing costs. If you cancel less than 7 days prior to your arrival, the partial payment will be non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS. Payments on reservations made inside the 7 day period will not be refunded if reservation is cancelled. Long term reservations, or major holiday reservation, may have different cancellation and refund policies. There are no refunds on unused lodging or early departures.

1. MKKB LLC dba Ruidoso River Resort shall conduct all activities as Agent for the Owners  in regard to this agreement does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnic background, national origin, sex, age, handicap, mental or physical disability of familial status.
2. In the event any suit or action is filed arising out of or relating to this agreement, the non-prevailing party shall pay the attorney’s fees and costs of the prevailing party, whether related to arbitration, trial or appeal.